Cheers to the FCC for Supporting Title II to Protect the Open Internet

Originally posted on Transparency Report: aims to democratize publishing – to build the tools that give writers, bloggers, and creators of all sizes a way to get their voices to the world. Today we see that our voices were heard, and that they had a big impact on the future of the internet. This…

Wow. The five minute install that is really more like a two minute install

I finally found some time (and resources) to experiment with having WordPress on my local machine so I can play around with WordPress themes. The goal is to eventually create my own theme that I can use for more experimentation.  I also want to propose running WordPress on my local work servers so we can use […]

The world is still a good place. Just have to look more closely and ignore shiny things.

It’s very easy to wallow. I wallow like a champ complete with wallowing accessories: – outfit: old and threadbare flannel pj’s (clean though!) – hairstyle: unbrushed, sticking out everywhere – make-up: make what up? – music: <insert appropriate music> wallowing playlist </insert appropriate music> – food: sugar. caffeine. more sugar and caffeine. Sometimes when life’s […]