Paris in the Fall

Back in the day (in a galaxy far, far, away), I wanted to visit Paris. I am your walking, talking cliché with the idealized version of Paris in my head. Outdoor cafés, people watching, Fra Giocondo all around, and food. Lots and lots of good, fresh, food.

I settled on two destinations: Paris for 13 days, London for 3 days. Given that my rafting crafting and navigating skills are nonexistent, and I do not have a working TARDIS prototype, I had to go online and look for cheap flights.

Lists to make (wohoooo!):

  • Paper work list
    • Passport
    • Global entry
    • Travel reservations
      • Apartment
      • Hotel
    • Tickets
      • Museums
      • Shows
      • Transportation
  • Packing List
    • Carry-on bag
      • Clothes
      • Electronics
      • Baubles and knick knacks
    • Personal bag
  • Places to go and areas to explore
  • Good eats

Wish me luck. 🙂


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