FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Defends His Net Neutrality Proposal


Today, in a speech at the Silicon Flatirons Center in Boulder, Colorado, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler gave a detailed defense of his net neutrality plan. His proposed set of regulations concerning the open Internet will come to a vote before the Commission on the 26th of this month.

Since the Chairman unveiled the broad strokes of his plan last week, he has come under fire for being, roughly, either a puppet dancing on the strings of the President, or, someone who is the Physical Embodiment of government run amok, out to cut the legs off of both Internet innovation and investment into the core physical mesh that constitutes the Web.

Poppycock, to summarize, is Wheeler’s response to his critics.

Digging into his remarks — the full text can be found here — let’s take a few sections as both argumentatively interesting, and funny.

To begin, here is Wheeler responding to criticism that…

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