Home is where squeaky hinges and green carpet is A OK

I may or may not have blogged about our home at some point but we acquired it last year. It’s a craftsman influenced home that was built in 1908 with an unobtrusive add on, an attached garage that is only able to fit my husband’s truck (I have to park outside in the driveway. Boo.), not too creaky floors, plaster walls, high ceilings and a lot of original woodwork. It’s also right in town which means I am a couple of blocks from the post office, one block from the school bus stop, a couple of blocks from the park and very close to the candy store, grocery, movie theater, bank and a bakery. There are also a couple of neat little thrift stores and antique shops as well. It’s a little bit of a tourist town with a lot of snowmobile enthusiasts during the winter time and lots and lots of families during the warmer months. But overall, I love where I live and I love our home and they would have to carry out my cold dead body before I leave this place.

Anyway, we all know that an older home comes with it’s own set of quirks and ours is no exception. Even though it’s a surprisingly tight house and no drafty areas, there are still creaky spots, cracks on the plaster and a lot of little repairs that need to be done. The downstairs carpet is in abysmal shape and I am sure it has hardwood underneath so at some point that can be a big project we can tackle.  We haven’t really done much to the house but we have a few ideas. Of course this is really a list pretending to be an article. So sorry.

It really is pretty livable and comfortable. However, there are a couple of things that really bug me about some of the things in the house.  Our kitchen has green carpet. At least it’s not shag or anything plush but I still prefer something more practical for a kitchen. Like not carpet. Not green carpet.

Another annoying kitchen thing is the sink. It’s this acrylic like sink that has a lot of stains on it that is hard to remove. If you put a can of beans in it, the bottom part of the can makes a mark on the surface. We are looking at some enamel sinks that would work well there. I would love an enamel farmhouse sink but it’s just way too expensive.

Our kitchen counter top is also something that I have learned to ignore. I would love soapstone counter tops (and more counter tops), enamel farmhouse sink, tile or laminate floors, and walls that are not pink.

The carpet downstairs are stained, old and outdated and I would love to just rip it all out and restore the hardwood underneath.

Another garage would be wonderful since it would be great if I did not have to park outside especially during the winter time.

Other than those things, I do love our home and we plan to stay here for many years to come.


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