Wow. The five minute install that is really more like a two minute install

I finally found some time (and resources) to experiment with having WordPress on my local machine so I can play around with WordPress themes. The goal is to eventually create my own theme that I can use for more experimentation.  I also want to propose running WordPress on my local work servers so we can use P2 for internal communication.  During one of our mini-meetings, communication was brought up and I really think P2 would work for us if they give it a shot. They don’t want to get rid of meetings and I have no problem with that but I think a central area where we can post our projects, invite people to participate, add files, and keep documentation in one spot would be wonderful to have.  We rely heavily on e-mail and you would not believe the size of our archives. (Wish me luck trying to convince the big bosses to embrace something new.)

So back to WordPress running smoothly (for now) on my laptop. Wheee!

I really want to polish my html, css and learn a bit of php and I find that I learn better if I have an actual project that I am working on as opposed to passively reading help files. I am using code academy as well (love the presentation of that one) Although I am currently working on two actual sites right now (on top of my day job), the “clients” wanted me to use specific themes for the site so it’s more about customizing the pre-made themes rather than creating something from scratch.

I found a great guide for beginners at wpmudev.  The codex will be my guide fo most of this but there are a lot of other resources I can use too. I guess the bulk of my next few posts will be about this little journey of mine. (I wish my body doesn’t need sleep. So much to learn, so little time.)


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