I love www


Yes I do.

I was trying to look back and remember when I started using technology. It’s very interesting how I had no hot water growing up (not really THAT necessary living in a tropical country), had a one burner gas stove for a family of four but I had a computer. And internet. Granted back then it was just dial-up, it was still neat to have that technology at home. For someone who resisted owning a cellphone for the longest time, this was a big step up.

Careerwise, I never really had the nerve to pursue the path that I really wanted to take. Certain routes were strongly ingrained in me (healthcare, education, business degrees only)  and the fear of poverty always kept me from taking any major risks earlier in my life. So while I thoroughly enjoyed almost every job that I had and did quite well for myself, a part of me felt that something was missing. Thankfully, the web offered me opportunities to learn skills to dabble and have fun with that is not related to my job at that time. It was just a matter of squeezing some “play time” for me.

Right now, I live in rural midwest which means that without connectivity, I will probably shrivel up and die a slow painful death.  I get my books online, streaming for shows, even diapers and wipes for the kiddo. If there is something that I need to learn for work or play, all I have to do is look for it online.

May one day I can be involved in a career involving something online. 🙂

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