The world is still a good place. Just have to look more closely and ignore shiny things.

It’s very easy to wallow. I wallow like a champ complete with wallowing accessories:

– outfit: old and threadbare flannel pj’s (clean though!)

– hairstyle: unbrushed, sticking out everywhere

– make-up: make what up?

– music: <insert appropriate music> wallowing playlist </insert appropriate music>

– food: sugar. caffeine. more sugar and caffeine.

Sometimes when life’s pressures assault you from every direction and things that seemed so great did not work out, it’s easy to just sit there and have a double. Double scoop of something gooey.

I received some disappointing news lately and I am still very bummed out.  But hey, it happens all the time and although disappointment is not exactly my favorite thing, I can handle it. I can handle almost anything. Almost.

Oh, and since I just started writing again, I looked back at all my posts and I had two observations:

– I need to tag more

– Some of my posts made me cringe

– Some were actually pretty good. Made me smile


“Remember that this too shall pass.”



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