Tentative Course List until the end of the year

We are currently using the following until the end of this year:
MCT Level 2 Town
Pre-Algebra online with John R.
EPGY for Math and Language Arts
High School Paragraph Writing
Basic Spanish

November, a few more classes will begin through U of Nebraska:
Physical and Earth Sciences 1
Basic Expository Writing

Next round which will probably begin January/February through U of Nebraska:
World Geography 1
Algebra 1
Spanish 1
World History 1
Writing for Success

Live piano lessons will continue until the end of November and then we will have online piano lessons with his teacher until spring.
Of course now he has online friends who likes the same things as he does (math classmates). They have arranged to meet for online gaming weekly and that has been quite interesting.

Lots of things to do next year:
Numats/Explore in January
DVD due February (maybe?)
Decisions about Interlochen (will he go to the two week one or the 4 week one, or to go at all)
Reno convention in June

Hopefully some travel plans but who knows. I had to overhaul my budget because of the need for a “real” piano, and of course the damn deer vs. car fiasco is not helping. Ah well.


  1. You’re such an awesome mom. I hope he comes to appreciate how lucky he is as he gets older (if he doesn’t already!).

    If nothing else, maybe see you in Reno in June? 🙂

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